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Paying for College

With college tuition having increased nearly 80% over the last decade, starting to save early for college is crucial and can help alleviate a lot of the cost burden that college places on families. A college savings plan can go a long way to helping you help pay for your children’s college. This College Savings Plan Guide outlines the best ways you can be saved money ahead of time for their higher education in the future. The guide covers each of the major options available, explains how they work, and provides guidance and resources for how to move forward.


The project,, is a comprehensive and informative resource that allows you to search for colleges and their respective tuition.

Guide to Securing Your Child’s Credit Future – One reason American’s poor relationship with credit may be that many states’ educational systems aren’t great at producing financially literate graduates. This guide empowers parents with a helpful step by step process that will provide them the tools they need to ensure that their children develop a healthy relationship with credit, and understand financial literacy by the time they graduate.

Wake County Parent Academy – everything that parents need to know about their son’s or daughter’s high school High School on the Horizon English Presentation

Wake County Parent Academy Free Workshops – attend workshops to find out more information about financial aid, EOG testing, college requirements, and more. Wake County Parent Academy

¡Gradúate! Financial Aid Guide to Success – This guide helps both students and parents through the college application process. Click here for additional details.

Comprehensive list of Government Offices by City and County – This guide makes finding government offices easy. Whether you are trying to find the DMV, a post office, a school, or college, this guide will easily navigate you to information about the offices near you.

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