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Hispanic Educational Summit



SUSTAINER of Latino Education SPONSORS

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About the summit

There is a vital need to encourage Hispanic students to stay in school, excel in their studies and pursue higher education. The Summit has been planned, in part, to fulfill this need. As you know, educated Latino youth, who become acculturated role models, are a tremendous investment in North Carolina’s future. 

Our Summit is the largest educational conference in North Carolina for middle and high school Hispanic students. Over 17,000 students from schools in over 35 counties throughout North Carolina have participated in our annual summit initiative since 2000. The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute’s study “The New Latino South and the Challenge to Public Education” by Andrea Wainer highlights our summit initiative as: “Especially noteworthy is the NCSHP which organizes an annual statewide Hispanic educational summit“. 

At each year’s Summit, we will ask ALL students and participants to help us raise money for the “Students Helping Students Go to College” Fund. This Scholarship, established by the NC Hispanic College Fund, empowers students to contribute to and support the education of their peers. In 2019, middle school and high school students generously donated $925 for the NC Hispanic College fund!

The Hispanic Educational Summit is an initiative of the NCSHP to promote and disseminate information on the benefits of formal and higher education among the Hispanic youth of North Carolina.


  • To serve as an outreach program to promote education among 7th – 12th-grade Hispanic students utilizing workshops and presentations.

  • To motivate Hispanic students to excel at the highest potential in their studies through motivational talks by speakers who have achieved success in their professional careers.

  • To offer Hispanic students tips and information to acquire skills and develop strategies to improve their academic achievements.

  • To inform Hispanic students on educational opportunities and school programs in various community colleges and universities.

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