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Our Mission

The mission of the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals is to promote the education of Hispanic students at all scholastic levels.

The NCSHP has made a major commitment to build its infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing Hispanic community with respect to its dedicated mission. We are a professional membership with a greater mission, supporting Hispanic students in their academic pursuits and enabling them to achieve their dreams!

Our Purpose

The primary purposes, for which the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals has been organized, are educational, namely:

  • To enhance the integration and cooperation among Hispanic professionals and concerned individuals in promoting the education of Hispanic students in North Carolina.

  • To cooperate with other individuals, enterprises, organizations and other groups whose purposes include the promotion of education among Hispanic students, and the public understanding of the achievements of Hispanic professionals in North Carolina.

  • To sponsor multiple outreach educational programs benefiting Hispanic students at the elementary, middle school, high school, community college, and university levels.

  • To cooperate with educational authorities in the development, implementation, and improvement of educational and training programs designed to interact directly with Hispanic students at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels.

  • To act as a liaison between Hispanic students, their families, and educational and non-educational organizations which award scholarships to low-income students of high academic potential.

  • To support local, regional, state, and federal authorities in the resolution of educational issues affecting Hispanic students.

  • To gather, write, edit, publish and disseminate materials related to the above purposes in the aforementioned fields.

  • To enhance the participation of Hispanic professionals in promoting community college and university level education as a realistic and achievable goal among Hispanic youths.

  • To organize, promote, and coordinate local and regional conferences designed to promote the purposes herein mentioned.

  • To award educational scholarships to graduates of North Carolina high schools or to students that have earned the equivalent of a high school diploma who are of Latino or Hispanic background.

  • To do and perform all things usual and customary to organizations of this nature, including affiliation, and/or cooperation with other local, state, regional, and national organizations of like character and purpose.

Our Intent

Acknowledging the under-representation of Hispanic youths in higher education, and seeing the need for role models, it is the intent of the NCSHP to develop and secure educational opportunities and financial support to improve Hispanic youth’s success and school performance.

Our Society is committed to doing the best it can to nurture our youth and provide resources to Hispanic students and their families so that they can succeed in education.

The NCSHP will try a variety of ways to sponsor educational programs benefiting Hispanic youth and to generate enthusiasm among their parents for the hard work that is necessary to succeed academically.

President'S MESSAGE

Rocio Anderson.jpg

Dear Amigos and Members:

As a longtime advocate for the academic advancement of Hispanic students in the beautiful state of North Carolina, I am honored to be named the President of the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals. I am very proud of the accomplishments of this society and intend to further them during my tenure as your president. In this role, I promise to expand upon current programs while creating and implementing additional programs for the benefit of our young Hispanic students. One such program is the Small Business Hispanic Scholarship Program (SBHSP), a program that will provide every Hispanic student the opportunity to pursue higher education, thereby fulfilling the mission of the North Carolina Society

of Hispanic Professionals of Promoting Education among Hispanic Students. And this is just the beginning. Being community-minded, I intend to lead in a way that brings recognition to the simple fact that, together, we can and will have tremendous impact at schools, in homes, and in the community at large simply by building relationships and obtaining support from our partners, friends, volunteers, staff, and board members. I aspire to be a president who dedicates herself to helping students overcome the obstacles in their path, helping them see for themselves the vision of a successful future. It is my promise to you that I will be the president that seeks to assist and inspire, the president who celebrates the ideas and accomplishment of others. I promise this because I know that it is only when we, as a community, work together that we can truly prove that real results - real change - can emerge from a small united society when that society works collaboratively and symbiotically to begat this change.



Rocio Anderson


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