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Pilot Mentoring and Tutoring Program

As a vital part of our mission of promoting education, NCSHP offers mentors and/or tutors to Hispanic youth in the Triangle area. Many studies have shown, including the Harvard Mentoring Project, MENTOR, and the Corporation for National and Community Service just how valuable the one-on-one relationship with an elder that is not a parent can be for a child. Each pair will share different experiences and it is your input that will change a child’s life. Mentoring and tutoring are necessary in promoting educational success.


  • Promote academic achievement by helping students stay in school through high school graduation and encouraging them to pursue higher education

  • Support each student’s acculturation process to the United States

  • Provide both social and cultural enrichment activities that both broaden the student’s worldview and give them more depth of experience in areas of strength or a particular interest

With 5 out of 10 Hispanic youth dropping out of school, NCSHP recognizes the immediate need for these students to have positive role models that will motivate them to succeed both in education and in life.

Becoming a mentor

We are recruiting mentors on an ongoing basis and based on interests and values, we pair each mentor with one mentee of the same sex.  We require one initial interview, a thorough background check, and monthly follow-ups. Each mentor must agree to dedicate 8-10 hours per month to the program.  

The process of matching and screening usually takes 2-4 weeks. Mentor training and group activities will be provided as support for all volunteers.

For more information and to get an application, please call us at (919) 467-8424.

Referring Students (Mentees)

If you are a teacher or a member of the community who knows a young Hispanic in need of a positive role model, please contact us to inquire about matching your student with a mentor. Please be aware that NCSHP has a limited number of mentors, and not all requests may be filled.

Mentee Qualifications: 

  • 5th to 8th Grade Students

  • Demonstrates academic potential

  • Students have a desire to achieve

  • Seeks adult attention

  • Parents allow additional support for their student

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